Wedding Celebration Ideas

Wedding Celebration Ideas

Interesting Ideas In Wedding

It’s a universe where every kind of extravagance is possible, from a show by famous singers to drinks served by drones. We ended up transforming love into a true social event, where the guests exceed hundreds, and sometimes many of them are not even known by the couple.

And one of the big investments made for the party, often behind lunch/dinner and drinks, ends up being the place where it will be held. Farms, clubs, luxury buffets, and even castles usually absorb 10% of the bride and groom’s budget, on average. Because of this, and also thinking about more cozy and minimalist ceremonies, many couples have resorted to alternative places to celebrate love, such as the use of public spaces.

Wedding Celebration Ideas

But, when we talk about public space, do you immediately imagine a beach? Dear mistake! The darling of the moment for lovebirds in love will surprise you: they are the good old plazas. That’s right, that place close to work that you usually go to kill the rest of lunch, or the one near your house, where it is packed with children on weekends.

 1- Renovation Is A Chance For You To Reissue Your Wedding Memories In An Improved Way

It is common that, after the wedding, the bride finds herself thinking about details that she if she could, would have done differently. Maybe change the color of the bouquet, wear a more beautiful dress, make a specific photo, invite someone who was left out. It is an excellent event to do everything again in an even better way.

2 – The Format Of The Ceremony Is Flexible

Some rewrite their wedding vows more maturely, others prefer to relive the rituals just like the first time. Some ask the children or the celebrant to say a few words about love and family. How about letting your maid of honor talk about your union?

3 – Wearing White Again May Be An Excellent Idea, But This Is No Longer A Mandatory Color

You can use pastel colors, match the color of the party, with the spouse’s clothes, and use the tone you prefer.

4 – Choose Songs That Played At Your Wedding And Others That Have Entered Your Life Since Then

Ensure a celebration full of good memories for both of you.

5 – Take The Opportunity To Show How Much You Have Grown As A Couple Since You Became A Husband And Wife

Sharing a house, a family, the problems and joys of common life, all make a couple more solid. This is a unique opportunity to honor your loved one for overcoming obstacles, complicity, and strength.


“When we decided that we were going to celebrate even in the middle of the chaotic situation we are living in, I started to think about those present.  

Some Information That Warms The Heart

According to research data The Knot Worldwide (TKWW – a wedding marketplace present in 15 countries) the majority of Brazilian and European couples with dates affected by the pandemic of the new coronavirus say that they did not cancel the event, but chose to postpone it. 

This general decision to reschedule (not cancel) says a lot. The survey also shows that the reasons that lead Brazilian couples to the altar are, for the most part, to ” take a step forward in the relationship “, with 63% of responses. Other reasons revealed were that 37% want to “start a family and have children soon ” and 32% also chose the option ” to live together “.

The responses show that the motivations of Brazilian couples are related to long-term decisions and a stable commitment to those who want to share the future. From these data, we see why couples continue with their wedding plans.

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