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Denise McDonald Photography


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A qualified and experienced photographer, also a button fastener and veil fixer but most importantly a Wedding lover!

Your photographs can be as formal or as informal as you choose but every moment will be captured to help preserve your day and help create beautiful memories that will last forever.

Pre Wedding shoot included and two photographers option.

  1. Laura Salazar said on 20th January 2018 4:54 pm:

    We hired Denise for our wedding in July 2017 and went for the package which includes two photographers for the full day. Denise was amazing to work with the whole way through and she really made our day more special! Both my husband and I are camera shy and Denise made us feel very comfortable getting photographed. We were delighted with how our pictures came out and couldn’t have asked for more. We are very happy that we went with the package which has two photographers as the second photographer shot some beautiful pictures from additional angles.

  2. Caroline Huijing said on 20th January 2018 6:58 pm:

    Denise took our wedding pictures in August of 2016. That’s up at the top of the page, all smiley in our wedding car! I cannot thank Denise enough for the amazing service she provided or photos she took. From the moment we met her, Denise was a professional, but also warm, funny and caring. She made even my terribly camera-shy husband feel comfortable and natural. In the end our pictures were so beautiful that they caught the attention of a popular wedding publication who invited us to be their wedding of the week. I recommend Denise completely as she will ensure that you have a huge selection of stunning memories from your big day.

  3. Allison Presley said on 20th January 2018 6:58 pm:

    Denise was photographer for our wedding at the end of last year and we couldn’t speak highly enough of her. When we first met Denise we knew we were in safe hands. Not only was experience on the big day relaxed and enjoyable but the pre wedding and after wedding service is fantastic also. A nice touch was to meet with Denise a few weeks before the wedding for a pre wedding photo shoot which made us feel very much at ease! She ensured she knew what we were looking for from our wedding photos and the results exceeded our expectations! The presentation of our photos was excellent, the attention to detail makes all the difference! Thank you for capturing the fun of our big day. Allison and Aaron Presley

  4. Louise Grant said on 20th January 2018 7:15 pm:

    Right from the start we knew Denise was going to be the photographer for us! We met her at a wedding fayre and she was lovely and friendly, with no hard sell when we were chatting to her.
    Before our wedding in April we had a pre-wedding photo shoot which was great! Although we felt a bit weird at first, Denise made us feel at ease and in the end we really enjoyed it. It was a great practice for the wedding photos, which were amazing!! We had a small wedding, and you would think that might make it feel awkward having another person there, but Denise just slotted right in. She managed to capture the mood of the day perfectly, everyone was so relaxed and happy and it really shows in her photos. Even my mother in law looks relaxed and happy and she hates getting her photo taken!
    I highly recommend Denise if it’s relaxed, natural looking photos that you’re after.
    Thank you so much for giving us some wonderful memories!

  5. Derek & Clare Johnston said on 20th January 2018 8:05 pm:

    I never thought getting your photograph taken could be so much fun! Denise made two camera shy people feel very comfortable on our big day in July 2017.
    Our photographs now fill our home with happy memories and little keepsake box with our prints has visited lots of friends and family.

  6. Maxine Reilly said on 20th January 2018 8:28 pm:

    From day one we knew Denise was the photographer for us! She was lovely easy to talk to about what we wanted and very professional. My husband hates getting his picture taken and denise. Alex his feel at easy and you could tell this by the picturea we received. We love them so much! Denise was organised, punctual and in the ball and had great personality exactly what you need on your big day. Highly recommend

  7. Blair & Craig Ledgerwood-Cruikshank said on 21st January 2018 1:27 pm:

    Denise did an incredible job of our wedding photos. Neither of us are comfortable getting our picture taken, but Denise put us at such ease that we actually thoroughly enjoyed going to get our wedding pictures taken. It was such a fun part of the day where we were able to relax and have a laugh. This was helped by the fact Denise offered a pre-shoot as part of our package which helped us get comfortable with Denise and also with posing for photos. We would recommend it to anyone who like us is nervous about the idea of being the subject of so many photos.

    Denise also was so accommodating of the ideas we had for the photos. We wanted our personality and tastes to be reflected in the final photos and we were not disappointed.

    Throughout our experience Denise kept great contact with us, and delivered our photos quickly after the day which was very much appreciated.

    One other aspect of Denise’s service we loved was the option of a second photographer. He was equally as fun and a pleasure to spend time with, and having two photographers meant the range of shots was much better. Particularly having many more candid shots that we were unaware were being taken.

    We would recommend Denise to anyone who was looking for a wedding photographer.

  8. Dani said on 22nd January 2018 6:18 am:

    Denise did our wedding photos and we can’t recommend her highly enough! She’s so friendly and just made our day really fun and relaxed! We were very pleased with how our photographs turned out, they were all brilliant x

  9. Craig Wilson said on 30th January 2018 10:58 pm:

    We first got chatting to Denise at the Hampden wedding fayre 2015, she could have spent any more time with us going though all the options available unlike others we spoke with. From that point we knew we wanted to share our day with her.
    We loved the package which included our display box and USB stick, pride of place in our living room.
    The pre-wedding shoot was fun and gave us a chance to get to know each other more before the big day, gave us a chance to find out what Denise would need from us as well as what we wanted.
    Denise slotted right in with everyone on the day and was so natural with everyone, no awkward moments unlike some weddings we have been to when you get a camera in your face.
    We both enjoyed collecting our pictures, Joanne more so with her bottle of wine, lol.
    We cannot recommend Denise any higher than we already have, Joanne wants to get married again just to catch up with you all again.