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Congratulations – you’re Engaged! We bet you are full of excitement and enjoying lots of celebrations with your family and friends. Once you have finished popping champagne and opening lots of beautiful Engagement gifts, it’s time to start planning your Wedding but don’t panic, The Glasgow Girls Wedding Guide will be with you every step of the way!

One of the first and most important things to tick off you list is making sure you are aware of and understand the Wedding Legalities involved when getting married in Scotland. There is plenty of information and guidance on who can get married in Scotland, types of marriage and how and when to give notice etc.

We then have a fantastic, prioritised ‘Wedding To Do’ List to give you an outline plan of what to book and when to book it, for your Glasgow Wedding.

Of course, we want to keep the fun factor in Wedding planning so why take some time to read about our Wedding Traditions and Superstitions and the current Glasgow Wedding Trends!

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