Creative Wedding Ideas

Wedding Celebration Ideas

Virtual Wedding

The virtual wedding is nothing more than the celebration of your big day by videoconference and/or by online transmission. And this format is already a reality in times of pandemic. Whether to celebrate the original date or not to postpone the officialization of the civil union, even more, this was the solution that many couples found for this moment, as a chance to celebrate the union with much love and emotion.

Civil Wedding

Online marriage can be performed in several ways. One is that the couple can go to the civil registry office to sign the official paperwork with two witnesses and transmit everything live to family and friends through a social network. Always remembering to follow the guidelines of the World Health Organization, for your safety and everyone;)

Another way is to perform the civil wedding by videoconference, that is, the couple does not even need to attend the registry office. In some states like Alagoas, Minas Gerais, Paraíba, Pernambuco, Santa Catarina, São Paulo, and Sergipe it is already possible to perform the virtual wedding. And of course, transmitting this important moment live to the guests.

Wedding Celebration Ideas

Celebration Ceremony

You can also celebrate your big day with a ceremony led by a celebrant, priest, or pastor. This format can also be done via videoconference so that both the ceremony takes place online, and loved ones can attend.

In any chosen form, nobody is left out of the celebration and the greatest emotion: the officialization of the long-awaited and planned union of the couple. The party will be later, but the online wedding may already be a reality for you. After all, until the day of the party comes, there are other ways to celebrate, and technology has come to bring it closer. And we know that being on the internet does not affect the love that you will receive.

What To Do For Two On The Day I Get Married?

Of course, we can’t pass up some tips on what you can do with your love, this time without the cameras. Even if it is something simple, the idea is not to leave the dream aside and to recover the true meaning of the celebration of love.

First, prepare the house: put special photos on picture frames. If you already have the pre-wedding photos it will be great, if not, photos that remind you of your story will be enough emotion. Also enjoy decorating the house, with flowers that refer to the wedding decoration.

Then, prepare a dinner based on what you would serve that day. Including the dessert you chose. And don’t forget to toast that day and that moment. The tip is to toast with the sparkling wine that you chose to serve at the party.

Create a playlist of the songs you chose to play on the big day. And the most important: dance together. On that day, let the feeling and emotion flow. It is also worth making a statement, as if it were the votes, it will certainly be very special.

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