Creative Wedding Ideas

Wedding Celebration Ideas

Virtual Wedding

The virtual wedding is nothing more than the celebration of your big day by videoconference and/or by online transmission. And this format is already a reality in times of pandemic. Whether to celebrate the original date or not to postpone the officialization of the civil union, even more, this was the solution that many couples found for this moment, as a chance to celebrate the union with much love and emotion.

Civil Wedding

Online marriage can be performed in several ways. One is that the couple can go to the civil registry office to sign the official paperwork with two witnesses and transmit everything live to family and friends through a social network. Always remembering to follow the guidelines of the World Health Organization, for your safety and everyone;)

Another way is to perform the civil wedding by videoconference, that is, the couple does not even need to attend the registry office. In some states like Alagoas, Minas Gerais, Paraíba, Pernambuco, Santa Catarina, São Paulo, and Sergipe it is already possible to perform the virtual wedding. And of course, transmitting this important moment live to the guests.

Wedding Celebration Ideas

Celebration Ceremony

You can also celebrate your big day with a ceremony led by a celebrant, priest, or pastor. This format can also be done via videoconference so that both the ceremony takes place online, and loved ones can attend.

In any chosen form, nobody is left out of the celebration and the greatest emotion: the officialization of the long-awaited and planned union of the couple. The party will be later, but the online wedding may already be a reality for you. After all, until the day of the party comes, there are other ways to celebrate, and technology has come to bring it closer. And we know that being on the internet does not affect the love that you will receive.

What To Do For Two On The Day I Get Married?

Of course, we can’t pass up some tips on what you can do with your love, this time without the cameras. Even if it is something simple, the idea is not to leave the dream aside and to recover the true meaning of the celebration of love.

First, prepare the house: put special photos on picture frames. If you already have the pre-wedding photos it will be great, if not, photos that remind you of your story will be enough emotion. Also enjoy decorating the house, with flowers that refer to the wedding decoration.

Then, prepare a dinner based on what you would serve that day. Including the dessert you chose. And don’t forget to toast that day and that moment. The tip is to toast with the sparkling wine that you chose to serve at the party.

Create a playlist of the songs you chose to play on the big day. And the most important: dance together. On that day, let the feeling and emotion flow. It is also worth making a statement, as if it were the votes, it will certainly be very special.…

Wedding Celebration Ideas

Wedding Celebration Ideas

Interesting Ideas In Wedding

It’s a universe where every kind of extravagance is possible, from a show by famous singers to drinks served by drones. We ended up transforming love into a true social event, where the guests exceed hundreds, and sometimes many of them are not even known by the couple.

And one of the big investments made for the party, often behind lunch/dinner and drinks, ends up being the place where it will be held. Farms, clubs, luxury buffets, and even castles usually absorb 10% of the bride and groom’s budget, on average. Because of this, and also thinking about more cozy and minimalist ceremonies, many couples have resorted to alternative places to celebrate love, such as the use of public spaces.

Wedding Celebration Ideas

But, when we talk about public space, do you immediately imagine a beach? Dear mistake! The darling of the moment for lovebirds in love will surprise you: they are the good old plazas. That’s right, that place close to work that you usually go to kill the rest of lunch, or the one near your house, where it is packed with children on weekends.

 1- Renovation Is A Chance For You To Reissue Your Wedding Memories In An Improved Way

It is common that, after the wedding, the bride finds herself thinking about details that she if she could, would have done differently. Maybe change the color of the bouquet, wear a more beautiful dress, make a specific photo, invite someone who was left out. It is an excellent event to do everything again in an even better way.

2 – The Format Of The Ceremony Is Flexible

Some rewrite their wedding vows more maturely, others prefer to relive the rituals just like the first time. Some ask the children or the celebrant to say a few words about love and family. How about letting your maid of honor talk about your union?

3 – Wearing White Again May Be An Excellent Idea, But This Is No Longer A Mandatory Color

You can use pastel colors, match the color of the party, with the spouse’s clothes, and use the tone you prefer.

4 – Choose Songs That Played At Your Wedding And Others That Have Entered Your Life Since Then

Ensure a celebration full of good memories for both of you.

5 – Take The Opportunity To Show How Much You Have Grown As A Couple Since You Became A Husband And Wife

Sharing a house, a family, the problems and joys of common life, all make a couple more solid. This is a unique opportunity to honor your loved one for overcoming obstacles, complicity, and strength.


“When we decided that we were going to celebrate even in the middle of the chaotic situation we are living in, I started to think about those present.  

Some Information That Warms The Heart

According to research data The Knot Worldwide (TKWW – a wedding marketplace present in 15 countries) the majority of Brazilian and European couples with dates affected by the pandemic of the new coronavirus say that they did not cancel the event, but chose to postpone it. 

This general decision to reschedule (not cancel) says a lot. The survey also shows that the reasons that lead Brazilian couples to the altar are, for the most part, to ” take a step forward in the relationship “, with 63% of responses. Other reasons revealed were that 37% want to “start a family and have children soon ” and 32% also chose the option ” to live together “.

The responses show that the motivations of Brazilian couples are related to long-term decisions and a stable commitment to those who want to share the future. From these data, we see why couples continue with their wedding plans.…

How To Celebrate Creative Weddings?

How To Celebrate Creative Weddings?

How many wedding celebrations have you attended that marked you? Would you know how to celebrate a wedding? Do you have that desire? That’s what I want to talk to you about today. About creative ceremonies, out of the obvious, and how you can learn to make these celebrations!

It is very likely that, if you accompany me, you have heard me talking about Renata da Conto de Vista. Rê is a celebrant who exudes love. Her celebrations are very authentic and very creative. And it is impossible to attend a ceremony made by Renata and not be instantly enchanted.

How To Celebrate Creative Weddings?

“Matching poet, baptized in Minas Gerais as an amo storyteller. I was born for this! That’s how I feel. Every step I took, every person I met, prepared me to live this encounter. It was the life that chose me to be there.

I am a graduate and post-graduate psychologist from PUC-SP. My specialization is in Systemic Theory which includes the study of couples, families, and groups. I am trained in Family Constellations which is a therapeutic method that rescues the stories of families and the importance of our ancestry.

Simple Wedding Decoration

It is not because the wedding has the proposal to be simple that the decoration needs to be basic.

The possibilities are many: you can bet on minimalist decor for a wedding at home, for example; in a rustic decor but with few decorative items for a country wedding; in a decoration that has nature as the main highlight in the case of a beach wedding, among other endless options! Get inspired:

1. Nature itself can be the backdrop for a simple decoration.

2.Flowers on guests’ tables are always the right bet.

3. But you can choose to use only simple vegetation with candles

4. The decor can be creative while still being fine

5. Here, the cake was made by a friend of the bride, an idea that overflows with affection!

6. Picture frames personalize simple decor

7. Boxes or crates can add incredible charm to the decor…

8. As well as small flower arrangements

9. Plaquinhas can complement the decoration of the outdoor event …

10. But they can also be used successfully indoors, in a very simple way

The Home Wedding Can Be Broadcast On Video Calls To Guests

Home wedding is nothing new and, since 2019, it is an alternative for the most minimalist brides who choose more discreet and accessible ceremonies. However, to adapt to the new times and not fail to celebrate the date, the home wedding has gained even more strength in recent months. The couple can choose to broadcast live to their friends and family. or they can do something truly intimate “, explains Marina Novaes. The specialist also points out that the furniture in the house can help with the assembly of the altar and that the ceremony can be celebrated by a family member, a celebrant, and, depending on the location, even a judge of peace. “The ceremony, if it is in the morning, can be followed by brunch or lunch, and in the evening by a special dinner. You can use your creativity and hire an online serenade to have live music on the big day “

Micro Wedding Is Perfect For Brides Who Don’t Want To Postpone The Original Date

For lovebirds who do not give up the traditional wedding, the tip is to bet on Micro weddings. With the list of guests reduced to have up to 50 people at the wedding, this type of ceremony has the same characteristics as a normal wedding, but, during quarantine, you must take all hygiene precautions, with the use of a mask by everyone involved and respect the social distance.…

Wedding Plans

Wedding Plans

Despite never having seen or spoken to you, I understand you perfectly. I know that from the proposal you think every day of that magical moment in which they meet each other’s eyes and you say “Yes, I accept” with your voice broken by emotion.

I also know perfectly what it is to be surrounded by so many beautiful ideas for flowers, decoration, dress, cake … I know that those things tend to suddenly overwhelm and there is even a point where you want everything to magically solve.

Wedding Plans

And believe me, I also know that it is to be counting the money month by month and to calculate what you are going to stop doing to have those white tablecloths, or to be able to buy those arrangements of imported roses.

  • Imagine that you are already on your wedding day …
  • You arrive at the perfect place and there are those beautiful tablecloths and on each table, a beautiful flower arrangement …
  • You have the decoration you saw in that magazine …
  • Everything is in order, perfect, immaculate … in short, you have that dream wedding!
  • And now, imagine the best of everything …

And The Best Part Of This Is That:

  • You will be able to plan your wedding in a fun way and without anguish or stress
  • You will choose the best date for your wedding with which you will save a lot of money
  • You will have the perfect food for a perfect budget
  • You will be at the forefront of planning, so you will avoid setbacks with great anticipation

Why Is This Method So Effective For Planning Weddings?

Well, dear reader, today I want you to know that this system was born from long years of work and research in this field of event planning, with which I have managed to make thousands of brides around the world have their magical and dreamy perfect day.

Keep reading because I assure you that this method works perfectly, even if you are:

  • A person who works from dawn to dusk and has little time and little money
  • Someone dedicated to the home with thousands of occupations daily
  • Someone in an executive position who has a huge budget
  • A person with a lot of free time and an average amount of money
  • The time and budget you have are factors that will not make this system vary since it works independently of them.

You are a very fortunate person to have come to know this method because belonging to the world of planners, I know that no one dares to tell their secrets!…

Nursery At Your Wedding

Nursery At Your Wedding

The easiest and most comfortable way for everyone to include the little ones in your wedding is with a nursery within your event. In this way, the parents can leave their children in the storage room and fully enjoy their wedding.

Table For Them

You can reserve a table exclusively for children. You can give them a special menu, crayons, and coloring books. If you want, you can hire a babysitter to take care of them and accompany them. In this way, they will feel part of the party, they will be able to live with each other, and they will not be excluded.

Special Attention

 You can have a cute gesture with them by making ham and cheese sandwiches, French fries, and milk cookies. That is, prepare a menu with more palatable flavors for their palate.

 How to prepare an unforgettable wedding. Although the woman is not realized only when she marries, these are quite obsolete and macho imaginations, when it is said that the only one who wants marriage is the woman because the man does not pay attention to those things, but if we had a theatrical representation at a wedding To be called “Men on the verge of a nervous breakdown over their marriage”, women shy away from committing and much more to say yes in church, would be a lot of fun.

Are you thinking of giving the definitive Yes, I want it? Are you worried about money? If you’re getting to walk down the aisle, but your financial budget is sort of limited, it’s important to consider ideas that allow you to possess an excellent movie wedding.

When you fall in love and think that that person is the one you want by your side, your heart overcomes all difficulties and that join you every night in your dreams the wedding is a dream, you look like a princess but when you wake up there are things that They cannot accompany your dreams, the budget you have makes you remember a reality that you do not want to remember.

Wine Ceremony

In the wine ceremony, as in the sand ritual, three glasses and two types of wine are required. The bride and groom mix the two different types of drink in a glass, and shortly after the wine mix, they share the third glass and drink their new content. Then the two break the cup together, which means that no one can ever interfere with your love. The only disadvantage of this ceremony is that, for lovers of good wine, mixing two different types in a glass is almost a sin!

Candle Ceremony

Nursery At Your Wedding

Another ceremony that has also been favored even by couples who hold religious ceremonies is the candle. Fire and light, two elements full of meaning: they represent the flame of love, of life, the light that directs couples. In this ritual, the difference is the fundamental participation of the bride and groom’s relatives, which can be accompanied by instrumental wedding music to the couple’s taste.  The familiar groom (usually one of the parents) lights a candle and a representative of the bride’s family does the same. Soon after, the bride and groom hold these candles and together they ascend a third, symbolizing the new family they are building.…

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is loaded with special and extremely beautiful moments, since the time you and your partner meet put on the wedding dress and/or groom’s attire to officiate the way of life together. Among those moments, if you are religious, the rituals in the church stand out, especially the reading of passages from the Bible. In addition to choosing good wedding songs, some passages are romantic and can fit with the couple’s story. However, the Bible can be present not only at the ceremony but also at the party, which means that you can read or memorize a passage to compose the thanks to the guests present at the reception.

It is recommended to set aside time amid so many tasks and planning with adjustments to the invitations, among other details of decoration, buffet, band, place, souvenirs, flower arrangements, etc. Thus, the couple can calmly select the passages that best serve their desire and still guarantee a positive impact on those who will hear the words. We suggest in this article some religious readings that can be used to make the thanks more exciting.

Wedding Ceremony

The tasting of the wedding cake, the endless list of guests, the exciting moment of trying on the wedding dress: the wedding is a real marathon. But, in addition to all these details, the whole event has a single and great meaning: to celebrate the love and union of two people who wish to be together and publicly declare that feeling. Religious ceremonies are traditional and many couples insist on a classic bond, with a beautiful church decoration for the wedding, but many prefer an alternative ceremony, without religious mentions, and there are many types of rituals to say “yes”. We have separated some of these rites of passage for the couple, and you can even include them in a civil marriage, for example.

The first step is to find a celebrant with whom both the bride and groom identify, feeling empathy, since that person will be part of one of the most important days in the couple’s life, and with them, the two will share many personal details for who knows how to direct the ceremony. After choosing carefully who will guide the wedding, it is time to choose which of the rites will be performed. 

Sands Ceremony

The sands ceremony is one of the best known, and even in religious and civil weddings, some couples include this part, due to its symbolic meaning about life together. To be carried out, three jars are needed, preferably glass (and in the format that the bride and groom want), and sand of different colors, one color for the man and another for his bride. The ceremony takes place with each one depositing the sand content in the third jar, uniting the colors and thus uniting their lives in a way that can never be separated, just like the grains of sand. During this ritual, the couple can also exchange short love phrases to make the moment even more romantic. 

Tree Ceremony (Plant)

For couples who have a free spirit and value contact with nature to the maximum, one of the most relevant alternative ceremonies – besides being beautiful and symbolic – is the planting of a tree together. It may be the seedling of your choice and, after “yes”, the two put the seed in a jar, cover it with soil, and water it together. Some couples even take the small plant, but with green branches, to have a more beautiful visual effect, and fix their roots in the soil. More ecological, impossible. And the idea can also go for different wedding favors, giving each guest a plan.   …