The secrets to a stress free Wedding morning!

What are the secrets to a stress free Wedding morning? Scheduling, it’s as simple as that! No matter if you are a five minute in and out of the shower, throw on a slap of lipstick and out the door kind of girl, Wedding mornings do not work like that!

You have to allow ample time for you, your Chief Bridesmaid, any other Bridesmaids and possibly your mum and any flower girls, to shower, to have hair and makeup done, to dress, to have pictures taken and to eat! The number one Wedding morning mistake is not to plan in enough time for all this and to allow a little extra for any last minute emergencies like a popped button, a broken nail, an unexpected guest or a flood of tears! secrets to a stress free Wedding morningBy including enough prep time in your Wedding morning schedule, you will arrive at the ceremony relaxed and calm, with time to spare to compose yourself. Otherwise, if hair, makeup or anything else runs late, everything will be behind schedule for the rest of the Wedding day.

Here are our top secrets to a stress free Wedding morning:

Start the day with a shower and some breakfast. No matter how nervous you are, the Wedding meal may not be until five or six o’clock, so it is imperative to have breakfast and something else to eat before you leave for the Church.

As a rough guide, schedule an hour for the Bride’s hair and half an hour per Bridesmaid. Schedule slightly longer for each for makeup. If you have at least four of you to have hair and makeup done, you may need more than one hair stylist and more than one makeup artist but you need to talk through timings with the professionals you have booked.

secrets to a stress free Wedding morning

secrets to a stress free Wedding morningEveryone should put on the Wedding underwear before having hair and make-up done.

When the hair stylist arrives, have her start on the Bridesmaids first, while the Makeup Artist begins with the Bride.

If you’re traveling to a salon on the Wedding morning, double the travel time you anticipate and use more than one car so that the first two finished are not sitting about waiting for the last two to finish.

Have the Makeup Artist stop just before applying lip liner and lipstick so that in turn, each of you can go and have a cup of tea and a snack before applying the finishing touches to your lips – secrets to a stress free Wedding morning which will not have you choosing between eating and ruining your lipstick!

secrets to a stress free Wedding morning

secrets to a stress free Wedding morning

Generally speaking, the Bridesmaids should dress first and then help the Bride into her Wedding dress, followed by the shoes and veil or headdress, jewellery should be added last of all so as not to snag the dress while it is going on. All labels should have been removed the night before so there is no faffing about with that on the morning.

secrets to a stress free Wedding morning

secrets to a stress free Wedding morning

If the Wedding dress goes on over head, make sure your face is fully covered with a scarf so as not to ruin either your make-up or mark the dress. Anyone helping the Bride should have clean hands. Plenty of time should be allowed to get the Bride into her dress, which may have complicated fastenings. Once dressed, try not to sit down to avoid creasing the back of the Wedding dress.

secrets to a stress free Wedding morning

secrets to a stress free Wedding morningSome Brides like to give their Bridesmaids their thank you presents before leaving for the Church and often this is in the form of their Wedding jewellery so do think ahead as to when you would like to do this.

Book the photographer to arrive one hour before the Bride is ready. That way, the photographer will be able to shoot those finishing touches shots, like Makeup Artist applying the Bride’s lip gloss or having a flower pinned to her hair. This also gives your photographer plenty of time to capture those gorgeous detail shots — the Wedding gown on a hanger, shoes, flowers and the emotion and joy of the finishing preparations when it is still just the girls!

secrets to a stress free Wedding morning

Take a few moments once everyone is ready to compose yourself and enjoy a glass of champagne in your last moments as a single girl!

secrets to a stress free Wedding morning

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