Marble Wedding Cakes- Luxury and Style!

Marble Wedding Cakes scream luxury and style on your Wedding Day and we just love this hot, gorgeously edible trend in Wedding Cake Design! The marble Wedding Cake can be made in any shade or colour and the number of ways to use the marble effect creatively will have you spoilt for choice. This is a Wedding cake which will look contemporary and totally impressive to your Wedding guests!

A marble finish on your Wedding Cake is achieved by kneading together different shades of fondant for an amazingly smooth finish and that perfect colour swirl. The result of this marbleized fondant adds a stone-like effect to the outside of Wedding cakes and is simply a chic, elegant twist on the traditional white Wedding cake that looks like a work of art in its own right.

And just as you would approach an interior design colour scheme, marble Wedding cakes feature tiers with icing in the same colour family, or in contrasting colours. Laura at Jappacakes told us, “I would say that trends right now are still leaning towards the soft, romantic look. This can be combined easily with ruffled tiers, metallics and solid colours to compliment marble tiers.”

Marble Wedding Cakes

“For entirely marble Wedding cakes, adding in some gold or silver leaf can really bring the marble to life and some sugar flowers can soften the look and bring it all together.” Laura added. It’s easy to see in the work of Jappacakes that metallic and marble effects go hand in hand and add a great deal of texture and depth to the cake, achieving not only a decadent but a bang-on-trend look which your Wedding photographer’s camera will love!

Marble Wedding Cakes


We are totally in love with marble Wedding cakes, although admittedly, they do look far too good to cut, much less eat! If you do chose to have an edible piece of art in your life, what better place for it to be on display and immortalised forever in photographs than on your Wedding Day!



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14th July 2017