Luxurious Lace Wedding Veils for the on trend Bride

Baba-C Designs continue to keep informed of Wedding dress design trends, ensuring that their collections are always fresh and unique and their current collection of luxurious lace Wedding veils is exactly on trend!

As Bridal gown designers continue to feature lace in their collections, so Baba-c Designs have stayed ahead of the trend with a whole range of cuts, shapes, styles and colours of luxurious lace Wedding veils. The new collection will be launched in May ready for the next Glasgow Girls Wedding Fayre on 21st May so you can be first to see their new designs of luxurious lace Wedding veils!

luxurious lace Wedding veils

a beautifully detailed lace with corded finish

luxurious lace Wedding veilsa more contemporary look with 3D flowers scattered across the train with Swarovski crystal highlights

Trina, owner and designer at Baba-c Designs told us, “The demand for lace in Bridal veils has been quite wide ranging from subtle lace accents strategically placed for a classic look, to double bordered trains with complementary appliques for full on drama. We can cover all the options and everything in between and each and every veil is custom made and finished to your spec, length, shade, detail and finish. We want Brides to know they can have a perfect match and finish of veil to bring the whole Bridal look together in true style and on budget.”

Always styled to be the perfect accent to your dress in shape and detail we endeavour to make each design a work of art. Each piece is handcrafted from start to finish in a colour to perfectly match your gown, (we have fourteen stock shades) and finished with the lace of your choice, it all makes for a Wedding veil to be as unique as the Bride who wears it.”

luxurious lace Wedding veils

one of our beautiful brides Kimberley wearing her veil with deep scallop edged lace with shimmering bead work

Baba-C Design’s veils are bespoke and hand-crafted and are available in a wonderful range of shades, ensuring that your veil will be a perfect match for your Wedding gown. They also make bespoke tiaras and headpieces available in gold, rose gold or silver if you are looking to complete your Bridal look. Crystals, beads and pearls in all of their headpieces may be changed to suit your preference and colour scheme.

glasgow girls wedding fayre

Do have a look at the wealth of choices that a truly bespoke, designer can offer you, often at a fraction of high street designers’ costs. Veils and lace are notoriously difficult to photograph in order to truly appreciate the intricacies and the detail but hopefully seeing these images will inspire you to seek out the real thing. Baba-c Design‘s collection of luxurious lace Wedding veils can be seen at the  next FREE Glasgow Girls Wedding Fayre on 21st January so you can be first to see the new pieces!


3rd April 2017