How to avoid a Wedding Dress Shopping nightmare?

Are you going Wedding Dress shopping this weekend? Although it can seem both exciting and overwhelming, we have some top tips to help you be prepared and get the most from the Wedding Dress shopping trip as this is a shopping trip like no other!

  1. Look at Reviews from other Brides on where to shop and on the level of customer service received. Buying a Wedding Dress is an important and expensive purchase and you should be assured of excellent service throughout the whole process from initial appointment to collection.
  2. Book appointments ahead of time, especially if you are hoping to go Wedding Dress shopping on a Saturday. You can’t just rock up to a Bridal Boutique and expect to try on ten dresses! Many Bridalwear Boutiques offer exclusivity of appointment meaning that you have the whole Boutique to yourself or schedule a limited number of Brides to try on Dresses at the same time to guarantee you the time and attention required. Do not be late for your appointment or you may miss your slot. Wedding Wise offer hour long appointments for example, in the privacy of your own Bridal suite and generally try five dresses on in that time but that differs from Bride to dress shopping
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  4. Elaine, owner of Wedding Wise advises, “Start to look on-line at some styles and note what you like, it’s a good place to start and also let’s the shops know what looks you are thinking about.”
  5. “Plan who you would like to bring along, preferably someone who knows your taste like your mother and maybe your best friend or Chief Bridesmaid. The more girls you bring, the harder it is on you to find your dream dress. Too many opinions does not make it easy.”
  6. “Be prepared with underwear, a nude or white bra and pants are always best, no black. Take shoes if you prefer to use your own but most shops have some to try with the dresses.”
  7. “Watch your make-up, don’t wear too much and please no fake tan. Fake tan ruins the dresses and you must remember the shops have to pay for these gowns you try on.” Annemarie, owner at Tullablush echoes that, “Brides love to come along with hair done and full make-up on to visualise how they can look on the day but it is a good idea not to wear bright red lipstick. We try to keep our dresses immaculate for everyone, there is nothing worse than trying dresses with tan and lipstick.” tullablush5wedding dress shopping
  8. Be open-minded about different styles and shapes of Dresses. Unless you have bought a Wedding Dress before, you may not know what will suit your body shape so take the advice of the Boutique staff who will have a range of experience in advising Brides-to-be on styles to suit every shape.
  9. If you are on a strict budget for Wedding Dress shopping, do not be afraid to tell the staff in the Bridal Boutiques your preferred spend. That way, they can show you Dresses which are within that budget and avoid dresses which will break both your budget and your heart!
  10. Sizes of Bridal gowns are different to high street sizes so trust the Boutique staff to know which size to order when they measure you.
  11. If you have booked two or three appointments on the same day, you are in for a long day so do plan to schedule in a tea or lunch break and pack a bottle of water to keep you hydrated. You honestly will not believe how tiring Wedding Dress shopping can be, physically, mentally and emotionally!
  12. And the final piece of advice from Wedding Wise, “Do not feel pressurized into buying unless you love it. Take your time and most of all have fun.” This will be the dress in which you walk down the aisle ladies and all eyes will be on the Bride, so make sure, you are sure it is the one!

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You can find the details of some excellent Bridal Boutiques on and we wish you the very of luck Wedding Dress shopping!



30th September 2016