Do you know where to start your Wedding Planning?

It can be overwhelming as the Bride to start Wedding planning for your Dream Wedding, as well as continuing to eat, sleep, work, socialise and make time for your partner – so it pays to start organising yourself for your special Glasgow Wedding right from the start!

Buy a Wedding Planner, which can be any kind of notebook or jotter or a specialised Wedding Planner which you can buy. Write in your Wedding Planner ideas for your big day, keep colour swatches, note Wedding Fayre dates, phone numbers and contact details for Wedding Suppliers and Venues, prices quoted, terms agreed, dates for payments or follow-up meetings, you get the drift!

Wedding planning

In fact, write anything to do with your Wedding planning arrangments in your Wedding Planner, in one place, then at least you can carry all your information around with you and when you can snatch five minutes, on the bus or during your lunch break, you can make a phone call to a Wedding Supplier, check a website or compare a price, without having to search for hundreds of bits of paper.

It is also a good idea to staple receipts for deposits paid to Wedding Suppliers into your Wedding Planner – it’s amazing how easily you will forget what you have already paid out once you start dealing with lots of different Suppliers and without keeping a track of your spending, it is all too easy to exceed your planned Wedding Budget.

Remember though, you do not have to do everything by yourself, enlist the help of family and friends who would be only too willing to help you plan for your special Wedding Day! You can keep track of which jobs you have given out in your Planner too!

Wedding planning


Check out our chronological To Do List to help you start to get organised and use some form of a written Wedding planning book, to keep you organised!




If you need any help, please do have a look at the amazing Suppliers Listed on or check out our Pinterest Board for lots of Inspiration!

13th September 2016