The Ultimate Hen Party Playlist

You need the Ultimate Hen Party Playlist when you’ve got the girls together for your singledom send off! This killer playlist features everything from party starters and dancefloor fillers to hair brush karaoke numbers and old school classics. Bearing in mind your Hen Do may cross several age generations, we’ve added in the best of those golden oldie singalongs to which we can all mysteriously sing every word!

So, whether you are going to be dancing in your local dive, partying in your tent on a glamping weekend, having a cocktail masterclass, jetting off somewhere exotic for a few days away with your girlies or sashying around the living room, this playlist is your starting line. We’ve roughly moved it through warm up tunes, dancefloor fillers, singalong sensations and big group hug finale songs! Use it, copy it, add to it and do give us more top tunes to add to it.

We’ve made this a You Tube playlist as some of the videos will provide a laugh and a talking point if you need a break from the strippers and shooters or if your Hen Do just needs a kick start but you should watch the videos anyway sometime, they may just inspire your dance moves!

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We cannot wait to hear your Ultimate Hen Party Playlist suggestions! Email us at

23rd May 2016