What are the Best Man’s Duties?

Aside from organising the best Stag Do on the planet, what else are the Best Man’s duties? Does your Groom even know why he has a Best Man or what skills the Best Man will need for the tasks ahead?
In ancient times, men would often capture women in order to make them their Brides. A man would take along his strongest and most trusted friend in order to help him fight any resistance from the chosen lady’s family or even the challenges of other men who might have designs on the captured woman. Thus, this friend was considered to be the ‘best man’ among the prospective suitor’s acquaintances. In Anglo-Saxon England, the best man accompanied the Groom up the aisle so he would be at hand to defend the Bride.
Leaving aside the Stag Do which will obviously organise itself and which no doubt, needs no help from the girls to organise, the Best Man has a fair few jobs to undertake on the day of the Wedding. Some of the Best Man’s duties for the modern day Wedding include:
  • collecting the buttonholes for the Groom and ushers
  • getting the Groom to the Church on time
  • organising the ushers to seat guests and hand out Orders of Service
  • sitting with the Groom on the front seat of the right hand pews
  • handing over the Wedding Rings at the appropriate moment in the Ceremony
  • escorting the Chief Bridesmaid out after the Ceremony
  • paying the fee of the Priest/Minister or Celebrant
If your Best Man is also going to be your Master of Ceremonies, he needs to:
  • call for silence when everyone is seated before the meal is served, ask people to stand and welcome the couple into the reception room as newlyweds
  • when the meal is finished, call for silence and introduce the speeches. Invite the Bride’s father to speak first. After the Bride’s father has delivered his speech and toasted the Bride and Groom, introduce the Groom to say his few words.
  • the Groom’s speech ends with a toast to the Bridesmaids and so the Best Man will reply to this toast on behalf of the Bridesmaids and deliver his speech, read congratulations from absent family and friends, and close by toasting the Bride and Groom.

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At the evening reception, the Best Man should:

  • traditionally dance with the Maid of Honour first, joining the Bride and Groom mid-way through their first dance.
  • collect in cameras at the ned of the night if these have been put out on the guests’ tables
  • generally in consultation with the bridesmaids, the Best Man and Groomsmen decorate the Groom’s car — or whatever transport is taking the couple away from the venue that evening.
  • as soon as possible after the Wedding, preferrable the next day, arrange to collect any hired outfits so that they can be returned and deposits refunded.

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Get your Best Man’s duties on his to do list and then have a look at the Groomswear outfitters on our Directory. We have more advice on Wedding Speeches for you – we wouldn’t want the boys to think it is all about the girls!

6th April 2016