City Chic Glasgow Wedding Photography

Before you book your plane ticket and pack your bags to get married far outside the city, consider the beautiful Wedding photography opportunities your city has to offer. Street signs, skyscrapers, shop windows, cobbled streets and exposed brickwork can provide an awesome Glasgow Wedding photography backdrop for today’s on trend, urban couple.

If a marquee in the countryside just isn’t for you, take a look at our examples of urban photography, using Glasgow’s cityscape as the backdrop from the Listed Photographers on for inspiration for your City Chic Wedding…

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47aa5725bb47d70df213d80357dc778bThe Image Village

Gary David 2Gary Davidson Photography

94cd7ef170908b9d46d4c69df8637cddImacImages Photography

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602c122e28829cc614c10a18c7024624Mark Timm Photography

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GailGail Photography

Gary DavidGary Davidson Photography

Simons StudioSimons Studio

Ruby LoveRuby Love Photography

Top TableTop Table Photography



You can find more Urban Wedding Photography Inspiration and our all Listed Glasgow Photographers details here. Don’t be afraid to chat through some ideas with your Photographer ahead of your big day to ensure you end up with your own Glasgow Wedding photography images to treasure!

16th November 2015