How creative will you be when it comes to naming your Wedding Tables?

Many couples choose to give Wedding table names instead of table numbers for their Wedding guests, mainly to do with guests feeling equally important: they don’t wonder why they are on table 19 and not number 3! Fun or meaningful Wedding table names are also a great ice-breaker as guests try to figure out why you have named the table as you have, and it gives them a sense of a collective identity, especially important if guests don’t all know each other!

wedding table namesEdinburgh Landmarks by Bottled Love

wedding table namesGolf Courses by Lucy’s Handmade Cards

wedding table names Favourite Restaurants by Paper Panache

wedding table namesMemorable Relationship Dates by SixPenny Blue

The possibilities for stretching your imagination for Wedding table names and themes are endless but they should mean something to you as a couple, say something about you, or give your guests a laugh:

  • places you’ve visited
  • famous sports stars, comedians, movie stars, pop stars or groups
  • names of songs, maybe from your favourite singer or group
  • yoga positions if you’re into yoga
  • models of cars or planes if you are a racing or flying enthusiast
  • names of animals: different names of dogs if you are dog lovers
  • names of your favourite cocktails
  • dish names of your favourite type of food e.g. korma, carbonara, chicken fried rice
  • names of pubs and clubs you have frequented over the years
  • names of deceased but much loved, family members
  • colours
  • city or country names
  • years and what happened in this year e.g. 1974 – Brian was born
  • names of childhod books e.g. The Secret Seven, The Famous Five, Lassie
  • names of children’s programmes
  • names of superheroes
  • names of characters from T.V soaps or programmes e.g. The Peggy Mitchell table, The Ken Barlow table

wedding table namesClassic Movies by Bottled Love

wedding table namesNumbers by Paper Panache

wedding table namesLucy’s Handmade Cards

Remember this should be a fun part of the Wedding Planning unlike the dreaded Wedding seating plan, so let your creative juices flow and inject some of your personalities into the Wedding table names for your guests!



We hope you can take some inspiration from our Wedding Table Name ideas but please get in touch with the fantastic Wedding Stationers Listed on if you require any more help or have a great idea to put into action on your Wedding tables!

18th September 2015
  1. Joan Connelly said on 2nd February 2018 4:30 pm:

    I have two grandsons getting married in the next two years and I found so much interesting information about wedding traditions by reading this. I will be passing on some of these traditions to the happy couples thank you.