What are the Chief Bridesmaid’s Duties?

Being chosen as a Chief Bridesmaid is a great privilege, she is to the Bride what the Best Man is to the Groom. The Chief Bridesmaid is traditionally known as the Maid of Honour if the girl is unmarried, or Matron of Honour if the girl is married.

The role of Chief Bridesmaid carries a large number of responsibilities in the Wedding planning process and once you have dealt with the excitement of being part of the Wedding party and of wearing a great dress, it’s time to start planning immediately.

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Here is a list of common duties the Chief Bridesmaid would fulfill:

1. It is the Chief Bridesmaid’s responsibility to shop with the Bride and attend dress fittings.

2. The Chief Bridesmaid will be required to help with Wedding invitations, Wedding favours, flower arrangements, centrepieces or anything else at the Bride’s request.

3. A large part of the Chief Bridesmaid’s duties requires her to organise and invite for the Hen Night, and that’s the fun part!

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4. On the morning of the Wedding, the Chief Bridesmaid should try to keep the Bride as calm as possible by making sure the Bride has a proper breakfast, organising the other Bridesmaids to be ready, running any last minute errands for the Bride and helping her into her Dress and putting on her veil. The chief Bridesmaid should also make sure someone has the champagne chilling for a quick pre-Ceremony toast to calm those nerves.

5. During the Wedding Ceremony, the Chief Bridesmaid will hold the Bridal bouquet for the Bride, putting it down or passing it to another Bridesmaid if the Bride’s Wedding dress needs fluffed out or the Bride’s veil needs pulled back or fixed.

6. It’s the Chief Bridesmaid’s responsibility, as well as the Best Man’s, to sign the Wedding license as a witness.

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7. During the Wedding photographs, the Chief Bridesmaid should powder the Bride’s face, touch up her lipstick and plump her dress where necessary. Do remember to check in with the Bride regularly to make sure everything is fine with her and that she is having a great time


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8. It is tradition for the Chief Bridesmaid and Best Man to dance together at the reception and once the formal first dances are over, to ensure lots of guests get up to the dancefloor.

9. Along with any other Bridesmaids, the Chief Bridesmaid should circulate a Guest Book if the Bride has one, or delegate this to someone else, and ensure that all guests sign it.

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10. Almost the most important job for the Chief Bridesmaid will need to be the Bride’s ‘pee pal’ – have you ever tried to hold a Wedding Dress up while peeing?

11. Along with the men and other Bridesmaids in the Wedding Pary, the Chief Bridesmaid should decorate the Bride and Groom’s car or honeymoon suite – you could fill it with champagne, rose petals or love hearts!

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If you are a first-time Chief Bridesmaid and need help planning there are many people who would be eager to help out, like the Bride’s mother or the other Bridesmaids. The Chief Bridesmaid has many responsibilities but it’s important to remember that the Bride would not have chosen you if she didn’t think you were capable of fulfilling these obligations.




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